YO!Ville  is a hand-stitched magazine about a fictional town which contains a Turkish restaurant/hairdresser’s, a skate shop and an Ivory Tower. It is published by Duke Press and the design collective YO!Fest.


Music Philosophy

Mico Toledo created this website to combine his two interest: music and typography. Check it out!


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Wolf Hall

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Grid System& Layouts For Magazine

Green- Magazine name & Department name

Yellow- Headlines and Introduction



Purple-Quotes, Related Links, Captions



Features of the magazine.

The Proposal of My Magazine

Proposal Of The Magazine

First of all, my magazine will be named ‘Parazit‘ which means parasitical, since our store called Bit Pazarı which also means flea market, i thought it would be relavant and humorous. It will have at least 20 pages and it will be published every month. It will not be only about fashion, it will have other subjects,too.

It’s going to have certain contents which will be urban life and street style, interview with a celebrity or a fashion designer, music&concerts, art galleries- to- visit and astrology.

In this issue of my magazine, there will be 2 features. One of them is interviewing with Ayşe-Ece Ege sisters who are the creaters of the Turkish brand Dice Kayek. The reason why i’m interviewing with them is that i find their style very different and unique which can fit the style of Bit Pazarı.

The other issue will be a document about the icons and the  iconic looks of the past that affect the present urban street style. It includes retro hairstyles, important pieces of these years and the celebs that we still admire their styles. Micheal Jackson, Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean can be some of them.

In the department part,  it will have 3 usual topics: astrology, cd’s that recommended and played in the store, and which concert and art gallery to go.

In the astrology part, it can be a little different from it’s usual type. It can be like if you wear this dress this month you will found your love kinda thing:) With a little humor, can be more fun to read.

In the music part, there will be list of cd’s that played in the store. Also upcoming concerts and parties recommended by the store.

In the art part, there will be also recommendations about galleries and upcoming exhibitions. Also some information about young talented artists. Since art is an inspiration for fashion design, it’s an important part of the magazine.

In my cover, i will use a collage work like Hamilton‘s that include both fashion and art. Of course, there will be important topics of the issue on the cover.