Gaudi Style

If  you went to Spain, there is no way that you don’t have any idea about Antoni Gaudi. He is the  most famous architect in the history of Spain. He was inspired by the Modernist style movement and he was famous for his unique and highly individualist designs. Gaudi’s most important works are being hosted by Barcelona where is known as Spain’s most active city. Over these years Gaudi’s buildings became the turist’s first stop when they come to Barcelona. His first works were designed in the style of gothic architecture and traditional Catalan architectural modes, but later he changed his style into a distinct sculptural one. He became an inspirational source in Spain with this unique style. He started to make buildings for the royal people who were trying to prove their wealthiness with their stylish and expensive houses. He also continued the construction of the church Sagrada Familia  which is the symbol of the city, but he couldn’t be able to finish it, either.


Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet (25 June 1852–10 June 1926)

Some of his most important buildings:

sagradafamilia00002482731     Sagrada Familia


La Pedrera 

6a00d41433969e6a4700fae8d72be1000b-500pi1     Casa Batllo

1117756628_ff199aa84c_o   Park Güell

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