This summer, i was lucky enough to visit Museum of Modern Art in New York. There were so many amazing works of important modern artists that i admired very much. I believe the difference between the modern artists and the rest is that they can see the things instead of  just looking at them and they make so many great things which we could not think of  before. MoMA is one of the best modern art museums which has such energy that attracks people who are even not interested in modern art. There were people coming  from all around the world thanks to it’s world-wide popularity. So i suggest everyone to visit this amazing museum. These are some of the designs which i liked most.

2009-08-02 637

2009-08-02 700

The artist made this room with the help of the guests who came to the museum and wrote their names and the date on the wall.

2009-08-02 701

2009-08-02 704


This was an exhibition of a Chinese artists who collected some daily supplies which were saved until today, and brought them together.


2009-08-02 739

2009-08-02 672

2009-08-02 676

2009-08-02 673


2009-08-02 7452009-08-02 742

2009-08-02 748

2009-08-02 772

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