Va 302 Project 2

This semester, we’ll design a catalog for our vintage store which we designed it’s corporate id before. Here are my layouts for this project.

Layout 1

The boxes under the headline is going to give a brief information about the season’s concept and what it took inspiration from.  Also a little information about the designers of the season. The black boxes in the right will have the pictures of the important pieces and prices in the white boxes under them.

Layout 2

I placed the boxes as an mirror effect. Again the white boxes give information about the concept and the designers of the season and the black boxes are the pictures of clothes.

Layout 3

In this layout, i wanted to show the pictures of clothes with their explanation behind like who made them or what is the price of them.

Layout 4

In this one, i placed them little scattered, i wanted spread them to whole page. Again there are pictures with the information behind.

Layout 5

I wanted to make them look connected and show them like all the boxes are formed from the Bit Pazarı headline.

Layout 6

I wanted this one to look more entertaining and unsymmetrical. The information on the left and the pictures on the right page.

Layout 7

And in this one i wanted them to be symmetrical. The main information on the right and the little information about the price of the clothes on the left side.

Layout 8

And a little movement again in order to give them look a little more entertaining.

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