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Grid System& Layouts For Magazine

Green- Magazine name & Department name

Yellow- Headlines and Introduction



Purple-Quotes, Related Links, Captions


The Proposal of My Magazine

Proposal Of The Magazine

First of all, my magazine will be named ‘Parazit‘ which means parasitical, since our store called Bit Pazarı which also means flea market, i thought it would be relavant and humorous. It will have at least 20 pages and it will be published every month. It will not be only about fashion, it will have other subjects,too.

It’s going to have certain contents which will be urban life and street style, interview with a celebrity or a fashion designer, music&concerts, art galleries- to- visit and astrology.

In this issue of my magazine, there will be 2 features. One of them is interviewing with Ayşe-Ece Ege sisters who are the creaters of the Turkish brand Dice Kayek. The reason why i’m interviewing with them is that i find their style very different and unique which can fit the style of Bit Pazarı.

The other issue will be a document about the icons and the  iconic looks of the past that affect the present urban street style. It includes retro hairstyles, important pieces of these years and the celebs that we still admire their styles. Micheal Jackson, Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean can be some of them.

In the department part,  it will have 3 usual topics: astrology, cd’s that recommended and played in the store, and which concert and art gallery to go.

In the astrology part, it can be a little different from it’s usual type. It can be like if you wear this dress this month you will found your love kinda thing:) With a little humor, can be more fun to read.

In the music part, there will be list of cd’s that played in the store. Also upcoming concerts and parties recommended by the store.

In the art part, there will be also recommendations about galleries and upcoming exhibitions. Also some information about young talented artists. Since art is an inspiration for fashion design, it’s an important part of the magazine.

In my cover, i will use a collage work like Hamilton‘s that include both fashion and art. Of course, there will be important topics of the issue on the cover.

Bit Pazarı Catalogue Final Version


New Layouts For 302

I updated my layouts since i hopefully understood the concept of clustering and tried to show it in my images. I made some classifications and used negative space as my element of design. The black boxes are showing the pictures of the clothes and the white boxes are desciptions of the clothes and the concept of the season. The gray boxes in second one are some graphics and also pictures of the models but with lower opacity. I tried to aviod boredom and repetition. Hope it succeeded.

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4

Layout 5

Layout 6

Layout 7

Layout 8

Layout 9

Layout 10

The Concept of My Magazine

Since our main topic is fashion in this project ( mainly street fashion), the main part of the magazine will be about trends and clothes. But still fashion is a part of an art and design so my magazine will have the subjects of museums, exhibitions, concerts and musicals.

What is happening in Istanbul, what kind of activities people can do?? Where can poeple shop cheaply and stylishly? Which store is where? The magazine is going to answer these kind of questions.

Also there might be suggestions to readers about  movies, books and cds.

Va 302 Project 2

This semester, we’ll design a catalog for our vintage store which we designed it’s corporate id before. Here are my layouts for this project.

Layout 1

The boxes under the headline is going to give a brief information about the season’s concept and what it took inspiration from.  Also a little information about the designers of the season. The black boxes in the right will have the pictures of the important pieces and prices in the white boxes under them.

Layout 2

I placed the boxes as an mirror effect. Again the white boxes give information about the concept and the designers of the season and the black boxes are the pictures of clothes.

Layout 3

In this layout, i wanted to show the pictures of clothes with their explanation behind like who made them or what is the price of them.

Layout 4

In this one, i placed them little scattered, i wanted spread them to whole page. Again there are pictures with the information behind.

Layout 5

I wanted to make them look connected and show them like all the boxes are formed from the Bit Pazarı headline.

Layout 6

I wanted this one to look more entertaining and unsymmetrical. The information on the left and the pictures on the right page.

Layout 7

And in this one i wanted them to be symmetrical. The main information on the right and the little information about the price of the clothes on the left side.

Layout 8

And a little movement again in order to give them look a little more entertaining.